if you scroll down, you can see  why we are getting so worked up about this and how you can help. these poor animals need all the help they can get!

Puppy Mills: The cruelty behind it-
Some know that puppy mills are the last place dogs would like to be. For those of you who don't know​, puppy mills are like illegal breeding places, but it gets worse. All puppy mills have the worst living conditions for any body. Extremely small cages are usually all the poor dogs have to run around, not to mention they get filled with feces, flies, and countless diseases. These dogs usually hurt the pads on their paws because of the wire floors. Some pet stores sell puppy mill dogs, so you purchasing them is benifiting the puppy mill breeders. All of the owners who have puppy mills have just 1 goal, and that is to make money off of 'pure-bred' dogs. Please, don't encourage any kind of puppy mills, it hurts too much for the dogs.

Dog Fighting: Why so bad?-
Some people who don't have a heart, love to witness some action with dog fighting. It may not seem like it from the outside, but on the inside, these dogs are afraid. Dog-fights​​​ usually use Pit-Bull dogs because of their sturdy bodies, but the way their owners train them are inhumane. The dogs stay on short, yet heavy metal chains when not training nor fighting to strengthen neck muscles. Sometimes their collars get so tight that it get embedded in their skin and requires surgery to remove. Also, these dumb people have treadmills for the dogs to run on. You would think they would put it on a pace easy for the dog right? WRONG! They put it on high speeds for a long period of time, they are also tied to the treadmill, so if they fall they are dragged and it can cause serious burns. This is SUPPOSE to 'teach them a lesson' for not running fast enough. HOW TERRIBLE! If the dogs are just 'not fit' their owners would sometimes inject drugs that act like steroids to make them 'stronger.' Sometimes in a fight, if a dog loses by 'cowering' because he is scared, he no longer is provided with food. And these people do this to make money! These idiots do not have a heart what so ever! Please if you see any signs of dog-fighting in your area PLEASE report it, for you can save many lives. Remember, dog fighting is illegal in ALL of the USA.

Horse slaughter: Their inhumane ways-
Many people are not the kind of horse lover we are, so they think eating horse is like eating beef or poultry. Which there is nothing wrong with that, but what they don't know is that the way slaughter houses treat their horses are very cruel and useless. First off some horses are just sold to the slaughter house because the old owner either can not sell it, afford it, or just want to make a quick buck or two. Also, in some horse auctions, the unsold horse are either taken home by their old owners or sent to the slaughter house. They are shipped in a tiny trailer behind a truck. They are often kicked, bitten, or even sometimes wrecked. Once the horses have arrived at the slaughter house, there is no telling how long they are going to stay until killed. While they are waiting for the last day of their lives, they stay in a small pen with other horses and given little to no food or water each day. Some horses stay until like 3 months! Once they are IN the slaughter house, each horse is individually separated, one by one, in a 'stall' that is small enough so they can't turn around, and there are humans on the other side. Some slaughter houses have the horses shot painlessly in their head, but others, the horses are stabbed in their back to paralyze them until they have fallen, then they are sent to a butcher STILL ALIVE to be....cut. Now the horses are not actually dead until they are bled out. So all that stabbing, cutting, piercing, they can feel that. Now some of you realize that this is wrong. Or at least you SHOULD feel that way. This type slaughter is terrible and painful for us as it is them.

How YOU can help:
There are many more ways animals are used inhumanely, but here is how you can help save these poor things. Just something basic like volunteering at your local animal shelter can help, you will be able to make more time to feed and even wash out their cages or pens so they can be happier, healthier and getting a better chance to find a true family. Another way is to set up jars at a business or school with permission, so you can fill it up with coins or cash to donate to a shelter, you could even have bins to have people donate pet food, treats, chews, or toys! This can really make these animals happy, because there are playful puppies there too! You could also host a public event (with permission obviously) so that all the money goes to charity. You could do a concert or something simple like a garage sale. You could even do a 'mini fair' of some sort. Have games, snacks, and a talent show! The sky is the limit! Lastly, if your are looking for a crazy canine or a funky feline, just look at an animal shelter, they may look dirty and sometimes skinny on the outside, but you can change that! They just want someone responsible enough to feed, clean, and love them like they always wanted! And added to this, just tell your friends and family about animal cruelty and how make it come to an END! Please! We need your help! Just because animals don't have voices, it doesn't mean they are not calling out to YOU for help!     
We are calling out to YOU for help! Please!
Give the gift of love for these beautiful creatures!
Animals are NOT born to be abused!
They just want Love.
How​ is that too hard to ask for?
    Lots are asking

If we don't help to stop animal cruelty, by 2022, 22% of animal species will go extinct